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Stream Address

IPTV / IP Camera - Stream Access Requirements

  • You will need the stream address of your IP camera or IPTV channel. Insert address exactly as it works in VLC (File > Open Network) or other player. Test before submitting.
  • Address should start with one of these supported protocols: rtsp://, rtmp://, udp://, rtmps://, wowz://, wowzs:// .
  • For increased playback support, H264 video with AAC audio encoded streams should be configured if possible, from IP Camera / Streaming source settings.
  • Depending on source encoding, streaming may require transcoding to play in different players. Without transcoding, some streams may play in Flash players but not as HTML5 HLS or MPEG-DASH or may have interruptions or missing sound. Contact Technical Support and provide exact stream address for evaluation.
  • For IP cameras, you can find RTSP address in its documentation: ask the camera provider or find it online.
  • Username and password of IP camera / stream needs to be specified if needed to access that stream.
  • Port needs to be specified if different from default for that protocol. Non standard ports (other than than 554 RTSP, 1935 RTMP) may be rejected by firewall. Contact site/server administrator if you need to use special.
  • If device/stream does not have a public address, your local network administrator will need to Forward Camera Port trough Router.
  • If your network is not publicly accessible (your ISP did not allocate a static public IP), your local network administrator may need to setup Dynamic DNS for external access.
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This section allows testing address for IP Camera or Stream with our without login. If address is accessible, address can be added as broadcasting channel (after login).