Broadcast IP Camera or Stream

Setup IPTV / IP Camera - Existing Stream : New

Stream Address

IPTV / IP Camera - Stream Access Requirements

  • You will need the stream address of your IP camera or IPTV channel. Insert address exactly as it works in VLC (File > Open Network) or other player. Test before submitting.
  • Address should start with one of these supported protocols: rtsp://, rtmp://, udp://, rtmps://, wowz://, wowzs:// .
  • For increased playback support, H264 or H265 video with AAC audio encoded streams should be configured if possible, from IP Camera / Streaming source settings.
  • For IP cameras, you can find RTSP address in its documentation or camera provider support.
  • Username and password of IP camera / stream needs to be specified if needed to access that stream.
  • Port needs to be specified if different from default for that protocol. Non standard ports (other than than 554 RTSP, 1935 RTMP) may be rejected by firewall. Contact site/server administrator if you need to use special.
  • If device/stream does not have a public address, your local network administrator can Forward Camera Port trough Router.
  • If your network is not publicly accessible (your ISP did not allocate a static public IP), your local network or IP camera administrator can setup Dynamic DNS (DDNS) for external access.
  • For a free consultation for re-streaming, Contact and include a sample stream address for evaluation.

This section allows testing address for IP Camera or Stream with our without login. If address is accessible, address can be added as broadcasting channel (after login).