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Loading videos... (My internet radio) Wassup my fellow music lovers! I am the one and only BeatMechanik (pronounced BEAT-ME-CAN-IK). I’m aspiring to be one of the best gay male hip-hop DJS in the bay area. I only play the best Hip-hop with a touch of Pop, which represents my gay and lesbian community as well as myself. If it don’t make you wanna shake your bum, if the words don’t make you wanna hum, you can best believe it won’t be even touched by me. So bringing in the throwbacks to the new slaps you hear today, trust me I got you! From Hip-hop to House and from R&B to Country back to Neo Soul, The BeatMECHANIK has your back. So what ever your preference is straight or gay, it don’t matter, trust we got the sound for you! So turn in for a musical ride of your life, cause its about time we had a chance to get real up in this biz-natch! BMIX RADIO >>>>

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